Assistant Principal

It’s a nice feeling to have your kids want and need you and never will you be needed more than the first week or two of virtual School but the moment the Zoom screen comes up your children will not only disown you but exile you from the area. As horrible as that feels don’t go too far because the next technical issue is probably only moments away. Don’t take any of it personally. No kids want to attend class with their mom or dad nor at the end of the day do they want to live with the assistant principal.
While you can’t necessarily predict what all the issues will be, you can prepare for some of the more obvious and traditional necessities.
Start with a designated area for each child’s virtual School room. The area should include the monitor, the mouse and keyboard but also enough surface area to execute assignments and have materials readily available. Any drinks should be in non-spill containers. Pencils should be sharpened. Pens should be tested. Kleenex should be within reach. Don’t forget erasers, rulers, paperclips, etc. When a technical issue does arrive make sure that your kids watch how you fix it so that they will be able to troubleshoot their own issues the next time.

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