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Remember when “Bring your kids to work day” was just one day a year? For some of us those days are gone forever. Your life has become the sequel to Groundhog’s Day only you don’t get to kiss Andie McDowell at the end. Trying to work with your kids in the same room can be very frustrating for you and even more frustrating for them. Setting boundaries and schedules should alleviate some of the distraction for you and the distress for your children. If you have the kind of job where you need to put in a certain amount of hours but not necessarily in a chunk each day, consider doing an hour on and a half hour off of work. Having a physical timer that your kids can see might also alleviate some of the interruptions. If the kids have chores or tasks you can promise to take a break when they’re finished. If they’re reading or doing school work you can take a break upon completion of an assignment.
Don’t be afraid to ask older kids to run errands and do prep work for dinner. “Rewards” is the buzz word for the day!

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