Back to School

If your child will be attending Virtual School it might be a good idea to familiarize them, yourself and your entire family about video etiquette. Not only will it be embarrassing to have Dad walk across screen in his Garanimals but all manner of stretching, itching and scratching should be done off camera. You should also keep in mind that computer microphones are hypersensitive to all audio sources including dogs barking and bathroom doors that are left slightly ajar. Your child should also have a comfortable chair to sit in during class so that they aren’t tempted to sprawl out, lounge or demonstrate their newly acquired indoor parkour skills.
Finally, it should be noted that it is understandable to think about your living room classroom a little more casually then you would a classroom at a traditional School but it is never okay to purposely embarrass your children in front of their friends, classmates or teachers.

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