Basket Case

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The art of basket weaving is thousands of years old and is an easy craft for your young ones. They’ll be able to practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while making beautiful and useful gifts. 

 Bowls can be made to hold keys, toys, jewelry…anything! Using different colored yarn and different sized bowls, you can make one for every holiday or special celebration.

All you need is a paper bowl, yarn (play around with mixing different colors) and scissors. 

  • Cut a slit form the rim of the bowl to the flat base – don’t go too deep into the bowl, just to where the flat part starts. 
  • Make slits about 2″ apart. For a 6″ diameter bowl, that’s about six slits. You’ll  want to make sure there are an odd number of flaps. 
  • Cut a 3′ piece of yarn and tie it at the base of one of the flaps – it doesn’t matter where you start. 
  • Weave the yarn in and out of the slits of the bowl until the yarn runs out. 
  • Tie a 2′ piece of yarn in another color to the end of the first piece and continue weaving the yarn in and out of the slits. 
  • Continue this process, adding different colors as you go and experimenting with different lengths. 
  • When the whole bowl is covered, tie off the end and admire your work! 

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