Board or Wall

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As long as you’re home getting driven up a wall you might as well grab a piece of chalk on your way.

There are specialty paints that look and act like a chalkboard. They also have paint that works as a dry-erase surface. Now the walls in you kitchen or family room can have a great many purposes.
Naturally some of the first things that come to mind are using them for homeschooling, chores or calendars but what about using them as a background for Zooming. You can quickly decorate and change the background for your mood or occasion. If you post on social media you can use them to illustrate a point or list steps and ingredients.
Family members can post a quote of the day, play tic tac toe, draw challenging mazes or make wildly inappropriate caricatures of each other.
And when you’ve finally had enough you can write a note to the rest of the family about how you “just can’t take it anymore and are running off to Bora Bora but that you should be home in time for dinner”.

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