Santa Calls

‘Tis the season to video chat with Santa. This year Santa might spend less time at shopping malls and more time at the North Pole dealing with government compliance at the toy factory. They don’t call him Corona Claus for nothing. 

How to Talk to Santa in 2020

Be they naughty or nice Santa has purposely set aside lots of time to talk to your kids about their holiday wish list. Video chatting with Santa is a great way to get everyone into the spirit of the season and find out what your kids are really hoping for this Christmas.

To extend the value of this activity your kids can even put together a little list of questions:

  • What are his favorite kind of cookies?
  • Whole milk, skim milk or almond milk?
  • What’s his favorite gift to get?
  • Who named all the reindeer?
  • Is it true Mrs. Claus really runs the organization?

You might even see Mrs. Claus in the background sewing Santa a big mask to fit over his beard and a special clear mask so Rudolph’s red nose can still light the way.

Santa's Favorite Face Masks

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