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Singing Christmas Carols is a tradition that many families enjoy and even though going door-to-door or gathering together may not be possible this year, one of things we can thank COVID-19 for is the mass adoption of online gatherings! Because of the internet and apps like Zoom, you can have a fun evening of singing Christmas Carols as often as you like! 

You only need 3 things to host a Virtual Christmas Carol party: 

  1. Zoom (or any virtual meeting/party app)
  2. Watch2Gether: create a party room for your guests and as they join, you’ll all see the same screen
  3. A list of friends and family

Set up your party via Zoom and Watch2Gether and send invites to your friends and family.

Best Practices:

  • Have each person submit their songs beforehand and find the karaoke version of the song on YouTube or Vimeo. We have yet to think of a song that doesn’t have a Karaoke track with on-screen lyrics on one of those two platforms
  • After receiving everyone’s songs, create a setlist that keeps the momentum strong. One slow song to every 2 fast-paced songs. Too many slow songs in a row can slow things down too much!
  • To keep everyone engaged, don’t let them know the setlist ahead of time. If you know that you’re performing 4th in line, you may tune out until song #3. But if you don’t’ know when your name may be called, you’ll be engaged and paying attention.
  • Keep it positive! Anyone who has the nerve to sing in front of their friends and family deserves a round of applause!
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