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Coil pots have been made since the invention of the pottery wheel in Greece in 2500 BC! There’s a reason they are still being made today…Coil Clay Pots are beautiful, have unlimited design and size possibilities and are useful!

We’re guessing you kids know their way around a jar of play dough, which will make this project a snap! You only need one thing: air-dry clay and there are a ton of color choices!

  • How easy is this project? Basically, anything you can make with play dough, you can make with air-dry clay and create your own clay pot!
  • Combine different designs and build until your heart’s content!
  • In order for your pot will serve to actually hold things, make sure to start with a base and build from there.
  • Make sure to follow the directions on the package for drying time. You can expect to have to let your kid’s creations sit for about a week before they are fully dry and ready to be used. So if you use this one to make homemade gifts, be sure to plan ahead!

Art supplies:



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