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Chances are your dog or cat has noticed that you’re home a lot more often than you used to be. While dogs love the idea of their humans being home all the time your cat is probably climbing the walls, literally.

The truth is that our cats were barely putting up with us when we were only home 8 hours a day. My point is that only you can decide if your cat will lower themselves to wearing a costume for Halloween. A dog however just wants to please you so if they think it makes you happy to dress them up for Halloween they really don’t care what costume you’re squeezing them into.

Let’s face it if you don’t have kids you’ve probably been dressing up your pets in costumes for years. If you do have kids then choosing, making or purchasing a Halloween costume for your fluffy friend can be a fun family project. If at all possible try to pick a costume that won’t annoy your pet. They really don’t like things that rub against their ears, come near their eyes or make their feet feel weird. Your pet will be far more likely to get into the Halloween spirit if the costume does not constrict or irritate them.

The coloring, size and type of animal may also help you choose a Halloween costume. For instance a piece of French bread on either side of a wiener dog comes immediately to mind but that might just be because I’m hungry at the moment. Here’s a better example: My golden retriever only needed a fluffy orange mane to look amazingly like a lion. My favorite pet related Halloween costume was a cat dressed like a German soldier (although it was politically incorrect). When you asked the owner what the Halloween costume was, she proudly said, “This is Herr Balls”. It’s absolutely out of date but I think it’s also worth noting that someone dressed up their cat in a military costume with Chinese lettering on it and said, “It was Chairman Meow”.

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