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Sitting at a desk all day can lull your body in a dormant state but there are myriad ways to stretch, keep your circulation flowing and exercise while you work!

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Stretching/Improve Circulation:

  • Wooden foot rollers are awesome for stimulating circulation.
  • Non-electronic neck massagers that work like crab cracking tools are great for tight neck muscles. We found the opposite to be true of vibrating neck massagers which tend to result in headaches and disorientation.
  • A resistance band can be put around both knees for a great glute and thigh exercise while you work.
  • Point your toes and then curl them back towards you.
  • Cross one ankle over the other legs knee then push your knee down for a great hip stretch.
  • Sitting on the edge of your chair, extend one leg out to the side and lean in that direction to stretch your abductor muscles on your inner thighs and also your lower back muscles.
  • This next one is going to sound crazy but it’s a personal favorite. Perform the classic song, YMCA, from your desk. It stretches your back, neck and arms beautifully and will also put you been a profoundly good mood. Pro-tip: alternate the direction of the “C” so that you stretch both sides
  • Also helpful to stretch your back, is sitting on the edge of your chair and placing your chest against your thighs for an extended amount of time.

Exercise & Strengthen Your Muscles:

  • Small pedaling machines have been designed to sit right under your desk and rovide a great office workout.
  • Lifting your feet off the floor while sitting at your desk are like mini crunches which work your abs, lower back, thighs and glutes. This can be enhanced by leg weights. Try this exercise while you work with each leg individually or both at the same time.
  • Alternate clenching and releasing the muscles in your stomach and your rear end to exercise while you work.
  • Dumbbells on either side of your desk chair can be used while reading documents or video conferencing but careful with the straining face while zooming lest your co-workers think you’re in the bathroom.

Desk Chair Alternatives:

  • Use a yoga ball throughout the day or permanently replace your office chair with it. It can reportedly help your posture and the constant, but small, movement of maintaining balance can strengthen your core.
  • Another alternative to the traditional seat is an ergonomic kneeling chair where you’re actually kneeling forward onto a padded knee rest.
  • Last but not least we would be remiss if we did not mention stand-up desks. This concept has been a long time coming and is an excellent alternative for people who don’t have to be at their desk for 8 hours a day. Although a revolutionary idea, it is definitely not something that everyone will love. If you’re contemplating a stand-up desk but you’re not sure how you’re going to feel about it, we recommend purchasing one that is convertible.

Don’t forget your eyes!

  • Exercise your eyes and avoid eye strain by following the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes spend 20 seconds gazing at something 20 ft away.

Note: If you have any kind of injury or hand, wrist or arm strain such as carpal tunnel you should definitely consult a physician before doing any type of exercise especially ones your arms or hands.


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