Drawing Bored

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With all of the screen time and video games it’s hard to get kids back to the basics. What if you could seamlessly morph some of that screen time into a good old-fashioned art project?

Hatching the plan: While Grandma or Grandpa innocently Zooms with your child they mention that they’ve been drawing some pictures but don’t have crayons, colored pencils or paints and would really like your young ones help coloring it in.

They tell your child to go get a piece of paper and a pencil. Then Grandma or Grandpa holds up their artwork against the screen. Now your child holds up their paper against the screen and traces the artwork. Once it’s traced they can color it in however they want to.

When it’s finished it can be mailed to the grandparents as a terrific keepsake of their wonderful project together. You can even add a decorative frame. Imagine how excited your child will be to see their artwork hanging up in the background the next time you Zoom.

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