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Going house to house this Halloween is a personal choice but there’s lots of holiday fun to be had at home as well. Not only can you make lots of festive Halloween treats but getting the kids involved in the creative process can fill a day or two with fun holiday activities.
In the photo you can see mini hot dogs with the pastry baked to look like mummies but there are literally hundreds of Halloween themed recipes. During the Halloween planning process you can provide ideas for ingredients and with a little guidance the kids can come up with great ideas which will make them extra excited with the process and thrilled with the results.
Here are a few unique Halloween ideas:
  • Halloween Cookies with chocolate melted on them to look like Choc-o’-lanterns.
  • Mini marshmallows between two red apple wedges look a mouth with teeth for a wierd Halloween treat (add red food coloring to make them gory).
  • Cut out little faces in American cheese slices and melt them on Halloween sliders to look like pumpkin faces.
    Eyeballs can be made out of marshmallows and M&Ms.
  • Make Halloween popcorn hands by filling clear plastic disposable gloves.
    You can print out custom labels to to put on fruit punch pouches to look like they are blood donations.
  • For a healthy Halloween treat and something the other kids won’t have, super cool jack-o’-lanterns with crazy hair can be made out of whole pineapples.

We found some great holiday resources with recipes and ideas to help you make Halloween treats all throughout October!

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