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Many families know that the US flag is folded a very specific way….but do you know that there is a reason for each of the 13 folds?

Families of service members and veterans who have been handed a flag on behalf of their loved one know all too well how powerful the visual of the folded flag is and now you can bring further understanding and appreciation to your family.

To get you started….the 13 folds of the flag are more than just a folding pattern that holds the flag neatly in place, each fold holds specific significance for those in the military, and by extension, all American citizens. Find the reasons for each fold and discuss the tradition with your family. Research the history and read stories about what the flag means to those families who have received one through formal ceremonies. 

As an added activity, practice folding the flag at home; flags of all sizes can be purchased and it adds another project to learn about proper flag etiquette for the family. 


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