Game Knights

Want to give them a Father’s Day weekend they’ll never forget? Strike up a little competition, get all the generations involved and LET THE GAMES BEGIN! 

Pick Your Family Game Night Now!

At OVH, game night is serious business and we’re always looking for something fresh and new…and Let’s Roam Virtual Game Night is where it’s at!

Not only can you set it up to play with family members in your home, you can also invite family members and friends who live away to play from a distance.

The path your night takes is up to you…Virtual Game Nights include five rounds of fun online games and you get to choose what categories you play each round. Pick different categories every time you play to make each game night totally unique. 
Disclaimer: If you’re planning this for Father’s Day weekend, the right thing to do is to let Dad pick the game…but only this one time.
Trivia (choose from SO many fun categories!)
Virtual Charades
and more!

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