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Plan Virtual Game Nights, Date Nights and Scavenger Hunts!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN and try something new for game night! At OVH, game night is serious business and we’re always looking for something fresh and new…and Let’s Roam Virtual Game Night is where it’s at!

The path your night takes is up to you…Virtual Game Nights include five rounds of fun online games and you get to choose what categories you play each round. Pick different categories every time you play to make each game night totally unique.
Trivia (choose from SO many fun categories!)
Virtual Charades
and more!

Virtual Party Games + Fun Video Chats =

The ULTIMATE Game Night

If you’re missing your game nights and you’re looking for fun things to do during quarantine, this will make you so happy. Now you can video chat AND play online games on the same platform! (That’s cool tech.) Destroy boredom and virtually hang with your favorite people any day of the week.


Game on! Our virtual game night is PERFECT for:


Pub Trivia Night

Pub Trivia Night: When you can’t go to the pub, we’ll bring the pub trivia to you!

Girls’ Night IN

Night IN: Get together (virtually) for some much-needed fun.


Reconnection: Missing friends and family? Overcome any distance with our game night!

Weekday Fun

Weekday Fun: Who said a Tuesday night can’t get wild? Virtual Game Night is the mid-week pick-me-up everybody needs.

Start Now!

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