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Kids love being part of a secret club and there is no hobby that stresses this more then becoming part of the magic community.
Magic hits a lot of other valuable notes.
  • Learning and following directions
  • Creative storytelling
  • Hand eye coordination and dexterity
  • Interaction with others
Additionally it helps kids overcome shyness, develope focus and gives them positive attention and reinforcement.
There are and abundance of magic videos online to learn from but nothing is more fun then having a brand new box of magic effects to sort through and practice with.

There are also lots of larger magic illusions that can be constructed out of cardboard and even more elaborate ones that are great as family projects. Stronger bonds between siblings can often be forged when the magician inevitably needs an assistant. Speaking of which, we here at OVH would like to go on record completely discouraging the use of homemade guillotines.

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