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Fancy Schmancy

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Creating your own intimate card as opposed to buying one is very romantic. If you are a good artist, have particularly wonderful handwriting or fancy yourself a poet all the better but you will still score a lot of points just in the attempt. 

A simple message delivered after a crash course in calligraphy will go a long way to show your partner you have put the extra effort and thought into the message. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing sexier than realizing your partner went even a little extra just for you.

Shopping List: 

Learn Calligraphy:


Hand Lettering Pens:


Vintage Kraft Paper: 



Surprise Party

Virtual Surprise Parties are a wonderful way to make someone’s special day incredible memorable. We have the tips to help you get the most out of this unique type of event.

Carry On Oki

You no longer have to go to a Karaoke-specific bar or know someone with fancy equipment.

There are a few things we can thank COVID-19 and Quarantine for, though admittedly, the list is very short. One of those is the mass adoption of online gatherings. All you need now is a few friends or family, a computer with a camera and microphone and then you’re all set to have a fun night of karaoke at home!
If you’re organizing this little shindig around Halloween you might consider having a “Scaryoke” party, complete with costumes holiday themed backgrounds and appropriate song choices. (See list at bottom of page).

You only need 3 things to host a Virtual Karaoke party:

  1. Zoom (or any virtual meeting/party app)
  2. Watch2Gether: create a party room for your guests and as they join, you’ll all see the same screen
  3. A list of friends and family

Set up your party via Zoom and Watch2Gether and send invites to your friends and family.

Best Practices:

  • Have each person submit their songs beforehand and find the karaoke version of the song on YouTube or Vimeo. We have yet to think of a song that doesn’t have a Karaoke track with on-screen lyrics on one of those two platforms
  • After receiving everyone’s songs, create a setlist that keeps the momentum strong. One slow song to every 2 fast-paced songs. Too many slow songs in a row can slow things down too much!
  • To keep everyone engaged, don’t let them know the setlist ahead of time. If you know that you’re performing 4th in line, you may tune out until song #3. But if you don’t’ know when your name may be called, you’ll be engaged and paying attention.
  • Keep it positive! Anyone who has the nerve to sing in front of their friends and family deserves a round of applause!