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Recess Monkeys

During Virtual school the teacher gives the kids a break for recess. It would really be great to get the kids off the screens. If you can’t send them outside, set up the kitchen table for Ping Pong with a little net.

Sure, you can play by regular table tennis rules, but why not get creative and make up your own game! As the ball inevitably starts bouncing of walls, light fixtures and cabinets you’ll realize the variations are endless. Your family will end up with your own personalized game that you’ll play and laugh about for years to come.
Even your cat will find it hard to resist joining in the fun!
The best part? When you think your kids are starting to lose interest, put a couple of red cups on the table and go back to reading your book.
Kits are available that include paddles, balls and the adjustable net…everything you need to get started. You may want to buy a couple of extra paddles, though. We have a feeling everyone will want to get in on the game!
New traditions, anyone?

Scream Saver

The logistics of online school run the gamut from “no-brainer” to “hire an IT tech professional”. There is so much to set up and figure out.  One day in the not-too-distant future it will be as simple as clicking a button and your kids will have access to all of their classes and assignments. Until that day arrives be prepared for an endless barrage of emails with links, usernames and passwords. Also headed your way are constant updates from the teachers, the principal, the PTA and an array of electives.
1. Create shortcuts of all the links your child will need as icons on the desktop of their computer.
2. Create a file folder with their name on the desktop where they’ll save their work.
3. Save all the links, usernames and passwords in a Word document that stays open on the desktop.
Plan C & D is to have all the information in an email you can always reference and everything has also been texted to my kid’s phones.
No matter how it starts off don’t despair. By the beginning of the third week my son was dressed, hair combed, bed made and he had logged on before I even called him for breakfast.

Lunch Box

We know that you’re the fun parent so let’s put our heads together and try and figure out how we can make school at home a little more fun or at the very least a little more like regular school. One way is to put together a bag lunch or serve lunch in your child’s favorite lunch box from last year. If you really want to get crazy you can put on a hairnet and serve your child frozen pizza on a school style tray. Most likely the thing your child will miss the most about school is the social element so why not get in touch with your child’s best friend or a classmate and coordinate a zoom or phone lunch time each day?

A B Zzzz’s

If your child is learning from home they may not have to get up as early. The problem with this is they also may want to go to sleep later at night. When school starts up again that may end up being a big point of contention. No matter what, your kids need plenty of sleep and some adjustment time before school starts each morning. If they have a routine such as making their bed, washing their faces and getting dressed before the school day starts it gives them some mindless to-dos that will help their brains acclimate to the day ahead.

No matter how awake they seem you should probably check in once and a while to make sure they did not fall back to sleep between classes. My son told me that he “was just listening to the keyboard humming”.

It might not be a bad idea to check in on your student every once in a while.

Mask Times at Ridgemont High

Now that most Americans are finally coming around to the fact that wearing a mask is not a political issue but a medical issue we might be able to get kids back into schools safely. Some schools will mandate masks, recommend masks or even let kids back without masks. Regardless of which of these choices your school gives you, your most prized possession is your child. For this reason it would be wonderful if your child did not have a lot of politically induced preconceived notions about wearing a mask. The best idea is to remind them that wearing a mask protects their teachers, their friends, their family and all our citizens whether they know them or not. It is also an easy way to show respect to the healthcare heroes that are on the frontline. Kids are used to having lots of guidelines and rules in school so if they believe that you believe it is for the greater good, they will probably comply without too much discussion.