Honor Roll

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We have something very special in this country called the Constitution. It provides a guideline for how our country should be governed. And it was written 245 years ago. 

The concepts and ideals captured in the Constitution are extremely important and serve as a guide to provide the unalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all American citizens. By the way, we all learn that phrase in school…but do you remember what unalienable means? It means it can not be taken away or denied.  

Great leaders understand that basic principle and aim to govern to protect them. They also understand that in order for every US citizen to be granted those unalienable rights, that the laws and policies of today must be created to reflect the needs of citizens today. Not the needs of citizens 245 years ago. 

Listen carefully to your politicians because some of them mention one or two your constitutional rights or amendments in a way that manipulates the conversation to further their own goals of being elected. They don’t actually have any interest or respect or any of the basic unalienable rights we are granted, though.

As an intelligent voter you must be able to look beyond the flag waving and listen beyond the shouting. Then you can take the time to analyze which candidates actually care about all of your rights.

When you can look at a politician and honestly believe they have read, understood and will govern according to the principles of the Constitution, and its amendments, that person might be worthy of your vote or at least your consideration.

The other candidate might just be full of crap.

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