Juggle Fever

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Gravity is fun! Defying gravity is even more fun! The question is: is it more fun to juggle with bean bags or balls? According to the jugglers we polled, it’s a toss-up.
Juggling is a skill that relies on a very simple pattern. You just toss a ball from one hand to the other in an arch or rainbow pattern. This gets practiced until you can do it exactly the same way, over and over again or even with your eyes closed. You then add another ball into the mix. As you move your hand to catch one ball you toss the second ball up and out of that same hand. That pattern gets repeated until both hands can duplicate it reliably. The third ball is added so that the pattern is now non-stop, catch-toss, catch-toss, catch-toss.
There are a myriad of special juggling products that can be added to your repertoire once you’ve mastered the basic skill. You can try juggling special clubs, rings and scarves.
Parental advisory: Hide the fresh fruit, eggs and guinea pigs.

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