Kitchen Table Tennis

Prepare to be amazed!
We at OVH thought this was an obvious idea but would be doomed to failure because of the small surface area. I am happy to report that we were wrong!
Sure, you can play by regular table tennis rules, but why not get creative and make up your own game! As the ball inevitably starts bouncing of walls, light fixtures and cabinets you’ll realize the variations are endless. Your family will end up with your own personalized game you’ll play and laugh about for years to come.
Even your cat will find it hard to resist joining in the fun!
The best part? Hours after starting the game, when you think your kids are starting to lose interest, put a couple of red cups on the table and go back to reading your book.
Kits are available that include paddles, balls and the adjustable net…everything you need to get started. You may want to buy a couple of extra paddles, though. We have a feeling everyone will want to get in on the game!
New traditions, anyone?

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