Liar Liar Country on Fire

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Lie to everyone. Peer pressure can be magnified during times of elections. Your immediate family, friends and coworkers can make you feel like you all need to have a unified voice.

The reason each person gets a vote in this country is because each person is an independent and nuanced individual. Not every single one of your beliefs or interests may fall in line with the candidate everyone in your circle is voting for. We would like very much to recommend lying to them about who you are voting for. 😉

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying keep your opinions hidden or be ashamed of your candidate. Quite the contrary! At OVH, we can’t STOP talking politics. However, you know as well as we do that sometimes the conversation just isn’t worth it. Your mind isn’t going to be changed. Their mind isn’t going to be changed. So don’t cause yourself the extra stress by engaging. In staggering numbers, families and friends across the country have been torn apart by conflicting political views. We get it and have experienced the same thing. 

What we’ve learned through the process? That when you know a conversation is only going to lead to a fight that goes nowhere, don’t sweat it. Know that you’re going to take your vote to the polls for your candidate and be thankful to have the right to do so. 

Vote Coffee Mug
Vote Coffee Mug



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