Mask Times at Ridgemont High

Now that most Americans are finally coming around to the fact that wearing a mask is not a political issue but a medical issue we might be able to get kids back into schools safely. Some schools will mandate masks, recommend masks or even let kids back without masks. Regardless of which of these choices your school gives you, your most prized possession is your child. For this reason it would be wonderful if your child did not have a lot of politically induced preconceived notions about wearing a mask. The best idea is to remind them that wearing a mask protects their teachers, their friends, their family and all our citizens whether they know them or not. It is also an easy way to show respect to the healthcare heroes that are on the frontline. Kids are used to having lots of guidelines and rules in school so if they believe that you believe it is for the greater good, they will probably comply without too much discussion.

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