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Ask 100 people what being an American means to them and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. Therein lies what it truly means to be an American: we have the freedom to believe whatever we want! 

But when you break it down, you’ll find underlying themes that we can all agree on: being American means that we work hard and we value our freedom. The details of those two vary greatly from person to person but showing each other mutual respect and ultimately working together (and sometimes that means staying out of each other’s ways) is what truly makes this country great. 

Discuss with your family what Civic Pride means and how each looks at their responsibility to their communities and working to make your town and country stronger. What can you do on a local level to make a difference?

Remind yourself and your family about the fundamental belief in freedom and inclusion that sets America apart. Our country was built by the persecuted and rejected and they insisted on making a better life and a better system for themselves. Instead of focusing on our differences, let’s focus on what we values we all share.

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