Mr & Mrs Claws

Let’s up our gift giving game for our loyal pets this year. Lately our dogs and cats have been really putting in the hours. They’ve always been our friends but now they’ve become a therapists, dance partners and exercise gurus as well. While dogs love the idea of their humans being home all the time your cat is probably climbing the walls, literally. The truth is that our cats were barely putting up with us when we were only home 8 hours a day. This Christmas they should be rewarded for the extra time they’ve been putting in.

Our kids have also been focusing in more on their pets so it would only be natural to have them think of some special way that they want to reward there furry friends for the holidays. Your pets are, after all, an important part of your family so focusing some extra attention on the pets can be a great distraction at times when family members may not be able to come visit for the holidays. Beds, treats and toys are always a welcome gift and can be purchased or turned into fun handmade projects.

Traditionally holidays are a great time for families to welcome new pets into their home as surprise gifts. There are many beautiful cats and dogs wishing for homes and waiting to be adopted. Cats and dogs can take up a significant amount of your personal time and energy so if your family is not looking for that kind of commitment there are many other low maintenance pets to be considered as holiday gifts. Just a warning though, even our Gecko demands that I go twice a week to get him fresh crickets. I have no one to blame but myself however. If I had been listening more carefully I would have realized I wasn’t just agreeing to getting cheaper car insurance.

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