Peanut Putter

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Whether it’s putt-putt, driving range practice or a full 18 holes on a real course, a tiny ball being hit with a tiny club into a tiny hole by a tiny person can be a lot of fun. It can also be fun for a medium, large or extra large person as well. Most people I know who play golf say that they are terrible at it but to your child you’ll look like some sort of expert. Golfing and teaching your child to hit a ball is an extremely bonding experience and can provoke lots of smiles even and especially when you’re terrible at it. Golf also has the advantage of being something you can do together at a safe distance from other folks even on a putt-putt course. Mini golf clubs and bags are completely unique and unexpected gifts worthy of birthdays, holidays or just as a surprise.
It usually only takes a few tries for your kid to get into the swing of things. The hard part is not being depressed when you’re 7-year-old is better than you at it. At that point you’ll probably want to stop keeping score.

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