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Let’s make sure that we a 100% ready to vote!

In 2016, 92 million eligible voters didn’t vote. 

We aren’t going to lecture you (that’s not what we’re about). But here’s a gentle reminder: we’ve seen first hand the difference in compassionate and inclusive leadership versus, well, the opposite of that. Regardless of the personal feelings of any elected official, the core of their agenda is based on the voices of those who elected them.

  • Elected officials put the judges in place who provided protection for the first gay magazine in 1958.
  • Elected officials decriminalized homosexuality in the ’60’s.
  • Elected officials instituted “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. 
  • Elected officials listened to voters and blazed a trail for marriage equality.
  • Elected officials listened to voters and made fundamental change in health care.
  • Elected officials are listening to their voters and trying to legislate how we use the bathroom. 

Make sure that what is important to you is heard so that the elected leaders are your elected leaders and reflect the values that are important to you. The only way to make sure that happens is to VOTE. 

Vote.org has everything you need…make sure you’re registered (and get registered if you’re not!). Find your polling place, request an absentee ballot and find links to the voting information for every state. Once that’s done make sure everyone you know does the same.

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