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It’s time to Faith Facts! Whatever your religion, whomever you worship, there is one universal truth, your God is everywhere. He or she or they know your address and will find you wherever you dwell. And they want you and your family to live and thrive. They also want you to care enough about yourself, your loved ones and your community to Pray At Home. You know that you don’t need to assemble when it means unnecessarily putting lives at risk. It’s what is in your heart that matters. Don’t trust politicians with the lives of your family. Be brave enough to make the tough decisions for your family and set an example for your community. Have faith that there are scientists working night and day to make it safe to congregate again someday soon. Until then, pray for the frontline workers that risk their lives everyday to take care of the sick.

Worship together on Skype. Choir practice on Messenger.

Can I get a Halle-ZOOM-jah?!


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