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There is no better way to exercise at home, clear the mind and vent frustration.
Working out with a punching bag, or the larger heavy bag, builds stamina and a tremendous amount of coordination. It is a fact that extended workouts also lead to deeper and longer sleep patterns. It is also a fact that when teens start to workout they also start to take better care of their bodies. They will often start to eat healthier foods and will naturally want to avoid vices such as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.
I’ve learned over the years that the impact of a gift or event can be greatly increased by secretly getting them interested. For instance playing a lot of Aerosmith in the car when I know that I’m going to surprise my son with tickets to the concert. In this case I might play Rocky on a movie night and then a few days later present them with boxing gloves and a heavy bag. This kind of set up can sometimes backfire. For instance don’t watch the movie Halloween and then give your teen a hockey mask.

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