Shock Puppets

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Puppets are an excellent way for kids to express themselves creatively and to experiment with interpersonal relationship dynamics. There is not only a lot to be learned by watching your child’s puppets interact with each other but really listening to what the puppets have to say.
Your child can start with homemade finger puppets or sock puppets and then move on to pre-made character puppets and even elaborate marionettes. Naturally it’s great if your child has their own ideas for plays and possible set decoration but it might be a nice idea to offer some fun scenarios to begin with. Making a puppet theater out of an appliance box is an awesome afternoon project but there are also plenty of adorable puppet theaters that can be bought online. You’ll be amazed how much more active and enthusiastic the puppet’s dialogue and behavior will be if your child gets to hide behind the staging area.
If the puppets start to have conversations that concern you, please immediately contact a therapist. By the way the therapy is for you since it’s perfectly normal for your kids to act out unusual fantasies with their puppets.

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