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It’s a guitar. No big surprises here. They play it. You’re proud. Everyone’s a winner. It also looks good on a college application and a dorm room wall. 
There are a lot of other great things that guitars can do besides look good.
Interest in learning guitar is remarkably evenly split between males and females.
Playing a guitar not only builds hand-eye coordination but it stimulates a tremendous amount of brain activity.
Instead of kids sitting in front of a screen being entertained or watching other people do things, they will now have an emersive activity that requires them to be fully engaged.
Kids who are not having a chance to see their friends or are not able to go out in public as often, will enjoy having a hobby that is, by its very nature, solitary in its beginning stages. Although practicing alone for hours at a time is part of the learning process, guitars lend themselves naturally to lead the player to perform for and with others. For this reason guitars are capable of changing introverts to extroverts and can help your teenager become collaborative as they discover other friends who can play instruments.
People who have difficulty communicating or expressing their feelings can you use guitar playing, writing music and even song writing to express a wide variety of emotions including anxiety and depression.
Stress levels are known to go way down.

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