Quarter Zone

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Change in our Country? You bet! Send your kids on a treasure hunt through your drawers, piggy banks and car seats to find the quarters from each of the 50 states.

This activity provides exploration and discovery as they continue the hunt…change from the drive-thru? CHECK THE QUARTERS! Dad empties his pockets at the end of the day? CHECK THE QUARTERS!  They can even ask relatives and friends for the missing coins, creating connections and interactions with loved ones that will spark conversations and laughter. 

Each quarter’s representation of the state can facilitate fun-learning, as well. While many of the state designs make perfect sense, others leave us scratching our heads and turning to Google for answers (we’re looking at you, Vermont). There’s a piece of American history on the back of every quarter and discovering them, talking about the designs, researching what each of them mean and filling up a map, is an activity that every kid will enjoy (just writing this makes me want to start searching!). 

 Map Display Boards can be easily purchased and make a treasured keepsake. If you want to make sure of your child’s success, complete sets are available (we won’t tell). Even if you purchase the sets ahead of time you can spread them out to be discovered and save a few for a special occasion or reward.

Bonus activity: there are also quarters for 56 National Parks and Sites. They’ve been released 5 per year since 2010. Numbers 51-55 are being released throughout 2020 with the 56th released in 2021. Once you have all 50 state quarters….start on the parks! Full sets are available for these too.

ps: pay attention to all of the mentions of “Crossroads” on the designs. Evidently “crossroads” was a big buzzword in the state-slogan-development process! 

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