Scream Saver

The logistics of online school run the gamut from “no-brainer” to “hire an IT tech professional”. There is so much to set up and figure out.  One day in the not-too-distant future it will be as simple as clicking a button and your kids will have access to all of their classes and assignments. Until that day arrives be prepared for an endless barrage of emails with links, usernames and passwords. Also headed your way are constant updates from the teachers, the principal, the PTA and an array of electives.
1. Create shortcuts of all the links your child will need as icons on the desktop of their computer.
2. Create a file folder with their name on the desktop where they’ll save their work.
3. Save all the links, usernames and passwords in a Word document that stays open on the desktop.
Plan C & D is to have all the information in an email you can always reference and everything has also been texted to my kid’s phones.
No matter how it starts off don’t despair. By the beginning of the third week my son was dressed, hair combed, bed made and he had logged on before I even called him for breakfast.

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