Sarah Hester Ross is a force!

A world traveling entertainer residing in Las Vegas performing as a Musical Comedian, Dueling and Solo piano player, and performing regularly as a singer/songwriter.

Sarah Hester Ross is so unique there isn’t a box created to put her in. Yet. With her soulful singer-songwriter chops, she is putting out original music that makes you think Sara Bareilles meets Janis Joplin. Then she turns to her hilarious and unique comedy tunes that have garnered more than 220,000 followers and over 3 million likes on TikTok. She has been compared to comedians like Bo Burnham and Sarah Silverman and when you put her on stage in front of hundreds of people she merges her singer/songwriter talent with her comedy to make her own unique entertainment experience. 

The Tits Up! Mask On! Collection was inspired from a quick TicTok post that began a dance sensation. Buy her hilarious song inspired from by the Great Mask Debate of 2020 on Itunes or Spotify and watch the video featuring her fans who are taking TikTok by storm here on on Sarah’s YouTube Channel