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My fifteen-year-old son has had enough with not being able to see his friends in person. We needed a compromise.

Basketball is to up-close-and-personal and baseball has the kids sharing all the same apparatus. What to do, what to do? Then like an alien landing from outer space came the idea of the game of Disc Golf.

Players don’t need to be near each other or use the same discs but can still enjoy the bonding and competition that comes from group sports activities…the perfect Physical Distancing sport!

If you aren’t familiar, Disc Golf is the perfect combination of Frisbee, Hiking, Fun and Exercise. Players set up targets, aim and throw their disks and the player who hits the target in the least amount of throws wins.You don’t need to spend hundreds (or even tens!) on equipment, you can set up a course anywhere and the best part is there is no-contact. Pro-tip: Players can also use football gloves which gives them more control of the discs while adding an extra layer of protection.

Although this game is not on most people’s radar there are parks all over America that have already have goals set up for game play. You can also set up a course in your own yard. Identify a fence post, a lawn ornament or set things around as targets. The beauty of setting up your own course is that it can be constantly changing and no two games will be the same! You can play for as long as short as you like and have fun and make memories in the process. 

Let’s make Disc Golf the #1 game for Physical Distancing! 

Discs are inexpensive and you can find multi-packs for under $20 . If you want to get serious, you can buy packs of Discs made specifically for Disc Golf with “putters”, “drivers” and “irons” -styled discs that give you more control. 

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