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Holiday music can lift your spirits and set the tone for a family celebration or a romantic Christmas Eve for two.

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No matter how you want to celebrate picking the right music is a great first step. There is a lot of power in music and while it can be very uplifting it can also remind us of Christmases past and people we’ve lost. If you can, try to pick music that will take you on a journey to where you want to be. Allow us to make a few musical suggestions:

  • For an upbeat atmosphere, traditional Christmas songs sung by the artists that made them popular, always set the mood and since everyone knows the words a sing-along is bound to break out. 
  • Traditional classic Christmas songs are also great sing-along faves that your guests will love. 
  • For a more elegant Christmas celebration, Christmas songs, played only instrumentally on the piano, is less distracting and can be more intimate. 
  • Holiday Choir music can set a more somber and reverent tone but it’s the next best thing to going to church for Midnight Mass on a cold December night. 

In addition to the above YouTube suggestions most cable companies, Alexa and Sirius XM offer holiday music channels with a wide variety of choices.

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