Splatter Control

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The idea of young people running around and shooting at each other definitely runs contrary to my upbringing however it is, undeniably, a lot of fun. Since we have ultimately decided to recommend it as an activity I’m going to concentrate on the pros and let your sensibilities dictate whether this activity is for your teen. My son had been asking for me to bring him and his friends for a long time. I finally acquiesced for his birthday and made the following observations:
They had to learn and follow a bunch of very strict safety rules.
The kids work together as a team and put together a strategy.
Not only did the activity take up most of the day but the kids were outside, wearing face coverings and staying separate from each other.
Last but not least I got to be the “cool” dad and was asked to join in. I found it to be great exercise and an adrenaline rush. I will never forget that day (mostly because I’m still finding dried paint in all my nooks and crannies). You haven’t lived until your kids use you as a human shield.
Here are a few tips:
Paintballs hurt! Everyone should wear two pairs of clothing, one tight and one loose to minimize the impact of the paintballs. A hoodie up top is recommended highly.
Bring wipes for the mask faceplate. Load the paint holders very carefully by cutting just the corner of the plastic off the paintball bag otherwise they tend to go everywhere. Every participant should bring a change of clothes, including shoes, unless you plan on getting your car completely detailed after the event. Bring a separate plastic bag for each kid to put their paint covered clothes and shoes in.

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