The Bod Father

Give the gift of health…More than ever a healthy way of life will help insure that dad is around for many Father’s Days to come.

Dads across the country have been finding new ways to work out and there are countless options for at-home workouts that are not only affordable but convenient. How would you like to have a personal trainer at your fingertips? We found two amazing options:

Aaptiv is an audio-based app for your workouts so you don’t have to commit to watching, you put in your ear buds, connect to your favorite speaker and a personal trainer walks you through workouts based on goals you set for yourself and 30 new workouts are added every week.. The app’s standard offer is a 7 day free trial, but we have a special 30 day free trial offer for just for you! Click here to sign your dad up and give him a gym he can carry in his pocket!

Think Dad needs some in-home equipment? Instead of a total body system that costs over $1,000 and is so big you need to build an addition to your house just to find room, the OYO Personal Gym is a total body gym that weighs 2 pounds, folds up to store easily out of the way or can be carried or packed to go anywhere. It strengthens your chest, back, arms, core, abs and legs; increases your flexibility and improves cardio endurance.  You’re going to have to act fast for this deal…only $109 until May 29

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