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There’s a long list of games and activities that you’ve probably heard other couples touting. Depending on what kind of couple you and your partner are, you’ve either tried most of them, tried of some of them or for some personal reason steered clear of all of them. Well I’m here to tell you that trying something new with your partner can really spark some fun. Not only that, but when you try something new for the first time on a romantic occasion, every time you suggest that activity again it will set your partner’s synapses firing on all cylinders.

Yes, they did knock over their wine glasses.

  • Date Night Scrabble: Make your own rules: You can only create sexy words or spice it up with Strip Scrabble
  • Codenames Duet: Instead of competing against each other, in this game you work together to win.
  • Adult Loaded Questions: Build memories, laugh and get to know each other better…even if you’ve known each other a lifetime.



Stay in. Choose your adventure. Do date night like never before.

Laugh. Explore. Enjoy each other’s company in a whole new way on an in-home scavenger hunt adventure. 

Stay home for an unforgettable, much-needed date. No pants or shoes required.

Our one-of-a-kind in-home scavenger hunts help couples deepen their connection and have a blast!  All you need is your phone and your significant other. The interactive Let’s Roam app will present you with a series of challenges and questions ranging in difficulty and point value, all designed to bring you closer together. Work through the challenges in any order and have funYou’ll walk away with incredible photos, memories, and maybe a spot on our leaderboard.


Play games, learn new things about each other, and make sweet memories! Challenges and questions designed to excite, delight, and get the sparks flying.


You and your partner are stars! Live out your movie fantasies with challenges and trivia inspired by the most romantic movies in history.  


Developed in partnership with The Relationship Firm’s Lead Relationship Coach Stephanie D. McKenzie, this Scavenger Hunt is built to strengthen couples’ connections. Work together and dig deeper as you complete fun and meaningful challenges.


Who said date night can’t be a party? Compete with your S.O. in epic, hilarious rounds of Would you Rather, Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, and more!


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