Shocking Stuffer

Clearly the idea behind this Christmas post is a couples only and private holiday ideas for just the two of you to celebrate. Our website is family friendly so we try not to be salacious in any way however we will hint at a few ideas about the kind of Christmas gifts that the two of you can only give each other.

Intimate apparel is no longer only delegated to the females of our species. Costumes, undergarments and lingerie can be purchased individually or in sets designed for couples. You and your holiday partner can enjoy the unwrapping of each other’s gifts when you first get them and each time you wear them.

For extra fun you can hide holiday gifts in the outfits to be discovered while unwrapping. Hidden Christmas gifts can come in the form of jewelry, secret messages and gift cards. For practical purposes and safety, avoid hiding toaster ovens or large screen TVs no matter how successful a Cyber Monday you had.

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