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Different generations grow up with extremely different hobbies and distractions. What we all have in common is the basic belief that our generation had the best games, pastimes and distractions.
Most of the hobbies and pastimes that we stick with we do so because they are somehow addictive. For us it might be golf or Facebook and for your kids it might be YouTube and Minecraft.
Now, it’s often difficult to remember why we have kids but I am sure that we didn’t have them so they could be locked in a dark room playing Fortnite and cursing at their screen while we’re in the kitchen watching political ads on Facebook and cursing at our screens.
One day, surprise the heck out of your teenager and ask them to teach you to play one of their favorite games.
I can almost guarantee three things:
It will be frustrating for both of you.
It will be funny at times.
And you will most likely end up just as addicted to that game as your kid is.
Not only will you end up being the coolest mom or dad on the block but think of the bragging rights when you beat your kid at a game designed for 13 year olds. 
Please resist the temptation to punish them by taking away their Xbox just so you can secretly get in some practice.

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