Dream Weaver

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Dream Catchers are believed to catch negative energy and spirits in their webbing and allow positive dreams and energy to flow down and protect you while you sleep. Making Dream Catchers with your kids is a fun and easy craft and can also be used to make homemade gifts for family. 

All you need are paper plates, scissors, a hole punch, yarn, beads, and feathers or felt (bonus for finding feathers around the yard!)

  • Cut a circle out of the center of the paper plate. You can use the center part that you remove to cut out hearts, stars and moons to decorate your dream catcher. 
  • Cut even holes into the rim of your paper plate.
  • Knot a piece of yarn to one hole and lace it through the holes, varying your direction. Pro tip: wrap yarn around the paper plate to hide the plate and add even more decoration.
  • Thread beads onto the yarn as you go (pro tip: wrap the end with scotch tape to make it easier to work through the holes). 
  • Use the hearts, stars and moons in the center of your paper plate and wrap the thread around as you go to create a centerpiece.
  • Once you have the center netting perfect add additional pieces of yarn to the bottom. 
  • String beads and the feathers through the ends to finish off your masterpiece! If you can’t find feathers, make them from felt! 

Alternatives: make several dream catchers using different sized plates, different colored yarn and string and different shapes. No two dream catchers will be alike!

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