Slimber Party

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Nothing turns back the hands of time like stretching. Doing it with a partner is not only motivating and more fun but they can also pull you out if you slide under the couch.

“Experts” (we put it in quotes because we know we heard it somewhere before but can’t remember where) say that stretching is the #1 thing you can do for your body, especially as you get older. 

I’ve personally been stretching to this classic from Richard Simmons since I turned 40. The classic music, amazing looks and buff and tan Mr. Simmons is my 2nd way to start to every day (refer to the Anniversaries page to try and figure out my #1 favorite way). 



Shopping List to get your Stretch Game in Order: 



  • Hamstring Stretcher: No need for a partner, maintains proper hip orientation & includes instructions



  • The original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Book: Top choice of physical therapists & athletic trainers

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