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Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirts for 2020

If ever a year deserved it’s own category of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, it’s 2020 and we’ve designed a collection of 13 PUNdemic Ugly Christmas Sweater T-shirts, Hoodies, Masks and Coffee Mugs that will help you laugh as you celebrate the Holidays at a distance.

One of the funniest traditions that everyone can still participate in is the Ugly Christmas Sweater. You can wear a t-shirt or hoodie with an Ugly Christmas Sweater design every day and make people smile…even if you can only see smiling eyes with masks on.

Santa in a Face Mask

The collection includes main character, Corona Claus. A jovial cute Santa Claus wearing a Face Mask. Corona Claus headlines the anchor of the collection, Social Christmasing and the best seller of the line, Stay Elfy!

The Christmas Wreath

If you’re looking for a more direct reference to 2020, the Social Christmasing Wreath has all of the essentials: toilet paper, hand sanitzer, measuring tape, corona balls and a face mask!

12 Days of Covid

No Ugly Christmas Sweater collection would be complete without a Christmas Carol theme. And the 12 Days of Covid, performed by Comedy Singer/Songwriter and Our Virtual Holiday Brand Ambassador, Sarah Hester Ross, wraps up 2020 Perfectly.

Quarantine 15 Hit Everyone

Even Frosty the Snowman was hit by the Quarantine 15 during lockdown and Stay At Home Orders.

Self Icicle-Ation

We all know the feeling of isolation while living through a Pandemic. It’s important to remember, though, that isolating in the time of Covid-19 makes you one of the cool kids.

2020 Snowflake

The events of 2020 ran the gamut…the Covid-19 pandemic, presidential election, social uprising, murder hornets and fire tornadoes top the list. The 2020 Snowflake recaps the year perfectly and just like snowflakes are one of a kind, there will never be a year like 2020 (we hope).

2020 Oh Deer

We feel you, Rudolph. Is there a more accurate sentiment for a 2020 Christmas?

It’s not Hand Sanitizer, its Ham Sanitizer

Gingerbread Mask

Even the gingerbread men know to wear a mask and are being heroes!

Stay Healthy Mrs. Claus!

Mrs. Claus is making sure everyone at the North Pole is practicing social distancing, washing their hands, wearing a mask. She wants everyone to Stay Elfy!

Let It Snow, Let Me Go!

Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater T-shirt for 2020

If you just can’t decide, we’ve compiled the best of 2020 into one Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater T-shirt!

Have a Great Holiday and remember to practice Social Christmasing and Stay Elfy!

The 12 Games of Xmas

There are lots of new and untraditional ways to get your family into the Christmas spirit this season. Challenging your kids to an online snowball fight is a great step in the right direction. We found a site that has tons of Christmas Themed Video Games.

Virtual Christmas Games for 2020

  • Snowball Fight: In Snowball Fight, Santa has had enough of these goblins! While he and his helpful elves are busy with the preparations for Christmas, these mischievous monsters are doing everything to hinder their efforts. With their green fur and grinning faces, they deserve a lesson! Can you join Santa and teach those menaces a lesson?

Snowball fight is our personal favorite virtual holiday game, but you can more like:

  • Angry Santa
  • Xmas Airlines
  • 4×4 Christmas
  • Christmas Parkour
  • Santa Run
  • Princess Christmas
  • Christmas Castle
  • Hidden Christmas
  • Xmas Wheelie

As well as holiday themed Mazes, Sudoku and Mahjong.
We guarantee you’ll have a ball.

Santa Calls

‘Tis the season to video chat with Santa. This year Santa might spend less time at shopping malls and more time at the North Pole dealing with government compliance at the toy factory. They don’t call him Corona Claus for nothing. 

How to Talk to Santa in 2020

Be they naughty or nice Santa has purposely set aside lots of time to talk to your kids about their holiday wish list. Video chatting with Santa is a great way to get everyone into the spirit of the season and find out what your kids are really hoping for this Christmas.

To extend the value of this activity your kids can even put together a little list of questions:

  • What are his favorite kind of cookies?
  • Whole milk, skim milk or almond milk?
  • What’s his favorite gift to get?
  • Who named all the reindeer?
  • Is it true Mrs. Claus really runs the organization?

You might even see Mrs. Claus in the background sewing Santa a big mask to fit over his beard and a special clear mask so Rudolph’s red nose can still light the way.

Santa's Favorite Face Masks


Not everyone has a fireplace in their home or apartment and even if you do it might be a little too warm where you live to use it. YouTube provides an almost perfect solution. A delightful crackling fireplace that plays for hours without commercial interruption.

Why do I say it’s an almost perfect solution? Let’s just say I found out the hard way that melted marshmallows don’t come off of an LED screen with great ease.

If you really want to get creative you can get contact paper with a stone pattern on it and stick it to the box the TV came in. You can then cut out a rectangular hole, a little smaller than the television, and voila you have an instant fireplace in any room. You can hang your Christmas stockings in front of your virtual fireplace and eat roasted chestnuts while wearing your favorite Christmas socks.

Shop Christmas Socks

Sound Choices

Holiday music can lift your spirits and set the tone for a family celebration or a romantic Christmas Eve for two.

Find an Ugly christmas sweater for your celebration

Want Christmas Songs for Virtual Christmas Party?

No matter how you want to celebrate picking the right music is a great first step. There is a lot of power in music and while it can be very uplifting it can also remind us of Christmases past and people we’ve lost. If you can, try to pick music that will take you on a journey to where you want to be. Allow us to make a few musical suggestions:

  • For an upbeat atmosphere, traditional Christmas songs sung by the artists that made them popular, always set the mood and since everyone knows the words a sing-along is bound to break out. 
  • Traditional classic Christmas songs are also great sing-along faves that your guests will love. 
  • For a more elegant Christmas celebration, Christmas songs, played only instrumentally on the piano, is less distracting and can be more intimate. 
  • Holiday Choir music can set a more somber and reverent tone but it’s the next best thing to going to church for Midnight Mass on a cold December night. 

In addition to the above YouTube suggestions most cable companies, Alexa and Sirius XM offer holiday music channels with a wide variety of choices.

Family Tree

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring except for your mouse.

Decorating the Virtual Christmas tree.

Virtual Christmas Tree

There are a wide variety of Christmas balls, ribbons, garlands and other types of decorations to hang on your virtual family Christmas tree!

Not only can you and your whole family decorate a virtual holiday tree from anywhere in the world but you can even designate a charity or a cause to donate money to.