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Whether it’s an impromptu photo shoot, or something the two of you have planned out, photographing each other can be a very sensual and erotic experience. On the other hand, despite what you might have seen on Instagram, not everyone is completely comfortable in front of the camera. To offset this issue, Photo shoots can be done in very low light, pillows can be placed in primary areas of concern and there’s also no rule that says any or all of the “models” clothes need to be removed. As a matter of fact the photo shoot can just be the two of you making faces or being silly. It’s all up to the two of you to decide. As long as no one is uncomfortable the two of you will be having fun in a Flash. That being said, if you both decide you’re up for some boudoir shots you can really make this a special occasion by paying attention to staging the area and creating special lighting to enhance the atmosphere. Costume and prop shopping can really build the excitement and anticipation.
There are many ways to approach this type of photography that also addresses the comfort level of your model. As an icebreaker you can light your model from behind so that the camera will only capture the outside edges of the model’s body. You can also hang a sheet in the doorway with a light behind it. The model poses between the light and the sheet but on the other side of the sheet from the photographer. That way your model’s image is completely protected from the camera as it will only record a sexy silhouette.
Ideas for photo shoots can run from flirty too dirty and everything in between but having some props or food helps get the ball rolling. Think Strawberries and  whipped cream rather than celery and cans of beans.
If the two of you decide that you want to take these photos but make sure that they are never seen by anyone else then consider getting a Polaroid camera and agreeing to destroy the photos at the end of the evening.
General rule of thumb however is to keep it frisky not risky. There’s no need to take a photo that would send your father to the emergency room or get you fired from your job.

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