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You probably don’t look like either of the people in this picture and to be honest neither do I but why should a couple of skinny models have all the fun? I believe that candlelight was invented so that your partner can’t see all your nooks and crannies.
The best part about taking a bath or shower together as that your partner can reach places on your body that you’ve only seen in photographs. If you’re an environmentalist it’s all the more reason to take a bath together. And if you’re carrying a little extra weight then you’ll also be using less water. Pardon me for seeing the tub as half-full.
We are aware that many of you do not have bathtubs or even showers large enough for two people. To those folks we say, don’t underestimate the romantic aspect of inviting someone to watch you shower or bathe. There is also quite a bit to be said for running a bath or shower for your partner and then facilitating their enjoyment. Some bubble pouring, candle lighting and back scrubbing can go a long way to put your partner in an amorous mood. Now that’s what I call, “SteamWork!”
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