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Whether you work in a small office, large office or on the factory floor, reintroducing yourself and staying sane in the workplace is going to be filled with daily challenges.

Some people will be scared of just about everything and others will be afraid of nothing. Both have the right to feel their respective feelings. What is most important is that everyone feels like their feelings are respected.

People will have real, valid trauma and trepidation and those people should be understood and respected. Others will imagine that the possible spread of viruses is all just a government conspiracy. That’s okay too as long as it does not get litigated in the workplace. It’s going to be important for everyone to stay positive.

There is no doubt that most people want things to get back to normal but “normal” has changed throughout the years, decades and centuries. Imagine if everyone at your workplace decided not to constantly focus in, and talk about, masks, sanitizer, social distancing and keeping everything clean.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t do all of these things we’re merely suggesting that you all make a pact to follow these common sense rules and then move on in order to stay sane in the workplace. Your time will be much better spent focusing on your work and the joy of reigniting in-person work relationships. In other words focus in on the positive and not the negative. Get right to work on the things you can do and don’t dwell on the things you can’t do. After all, different does not mean abnormal.

For those of you that are having severe anxiety or any type of stress due to returning to the workplace please seek help from your HR department or the appropriate healthcare professional.

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